We bought a sailboat!

On May 15 we officially bought a sail boat. Today, May 22 2019, I got the title officially put in my name. It is a 1979 C&C Yacht 24′ sailboat. It’s a little rough and there are a few smaller projects I need/want to do to make it nicer. The outside of the boat looks good. I absolutely can’t believe the deal we got on it. The boat currently doesn’t have a name and that is going to be a hotly debated topic.

It is housed down in Harrington Harbor at the moment but the new home will be Maryland Marina in Bowley’s Quarters, Baltimore, MD. I like that marina because it checks a lot of boxes for us. There is a playground, private parking, restroom services w/ showers, laundry, and prime slip positions. Maryland Marina is a majority sailboats and the specialist for sailboats in the area. There is a restaurant on the property when we want to stop in and get a meal.

The boat is in Harrington Harbor, it’s going to be a long sail to Maryland Marina. Over the next few weeks I am hoping to go sailing a few times in preparation for the move. I’ve been convinced that my first sailing experience shouldn’t be a potentially 6-8 hour sail. I can probably do it but, let’s be safe and not sorry. Since I am the one with the most sailing experience, I don’t think that adventure should also where I teach my crew to sail for the first time. Gabe and I went though to the same sailing class, but I’ve read a lot more than him and I’ve gone sailing since. However, Billy has never been sailing. I’m going to make sure he goes out once with me and I show him what I know.

Finally, I am looking forward to this adventure. Both the adventure of my first long sail and the general adventure with my family into something new and fun.


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