The Beginning

Welcome to my personal blog.

I have chosen to create a separate controlled spaces for me. Due to the increasingly toxic nature of Facebook, I pulled away a number of years ago. That was an amazing feeling. I want a space where I can post updates about myself and share moments, but without seeing the overly toxic and political post from everyone about every idea. The Facebook platform has become a shouting arena. I once told Melissa, my wife, when I was younger that Professor Xavier had my favorite super power. I thought it would be amazing for me to read peoples minds. Since being on facebook… that is the last super power I want.

This is my space, under my control. If you want updates on me, I will do it though this platform. I will let people know via facebook that I made a post, but I am not going to continue to fuel the algos of Facebook and I am going to control my space (pun not intended) a bit more.



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